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Daily Star: In Cambodia, a macaque raped a British tourist while he slept

A wild and in every sense unpleasant story happened to one of the British tourists who was vacationing in Cambodia.

According to the Daily Star, the young man allegedly became the victim of a monkey: taking advantage of the open window and the fact that the tourist was fast asleep, the long-tailed macaque entered the bedroom, pulled down the man’s pants, and had sex with him.

The tourist’s friends accidentally found out that there was a guest in the room. And instead of somehow correcting the situation, the first thing they did was film what was happening.

Then they made excuses: “We couldn’t drive away this macaque because we were afraid that it would bite off our friend’s important part of the body.” Only after the video was ready, did the friends go downstairs and begin shouting under the windows, trying to imitate the voice of a macaque to lure the monkey out.

In the end, it worked – the primate ran away. And the unfortunate tourist, having woken up, what kind of sleep does one have to have in order not to notice anything! – I learned a lot of new things about myself. And, of course, I was shocked so much so that I went home to the UK on the first flight.

This happened, according to the British media, last summer, but it has become known now. All because one of my friends decided to post a video with a macaque and a tourist on the social network X, formerly Twitter. The video went viral: within 24 hours it received almost 3 million views, and about 3 thousand users added it to bookmarks. Apparently to watch again and again.

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