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Creepy footage has emerged of tourists jumping off a sinking ship after it crashed in Egypt’s Bermuda Triangle

The extraordinary event had to be experienced by tourists who were expecting a luxury cruise on a yacht in the Red Sea. Terrifying footage has surfaced online of tourists jumping off a sinking ship after it crashed in Egypt’s Bermuda Triangle near Shaab Abu Nuhas Reef. The yacht, on which 16 European tourists were traveling, capsized and went to the bottom. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

According to the British edition of the Sun, which interviewed one of the tourists, an eyewitness to this disaster, there were 16 tourists on board the 40-meter luxury charter yacht, mainly British and Spanish divers, who were just planning to dive at Cape Shaab Abu, which is unofficially known as the Bermuda Triangle of the Red Sea – and it lived up to its fame. The yacht crashed quite suddenly for the tourists.

“It was supposed to be a nice easy passage… we were discussing diving and suddenly the boat rocked so hard, the tables started coming at us, we had to lift our legs so they wouldn’t crash into us. Therefore, the boat tilted by 40 degrees, we saw sea foam outside the window, the water pressure threw water through the cracks around the window,” the tourist told about the first moments of the disaster. As you can see in the terrible footage, the ship turned over on its side and began to sink into the water.

“We almost got stuck in the cabin and barely got out, but we still made it out. We were sure that if this boat capsized, we would die… the windows could have broken before we could get out, and we would have been trapped,” says the Briton.

Fortunately, the cool-headedness of the tourists did not betray them – although the scary footage shows some of them jumping into the water to avoid sinking with the boat, all the tourists successfully climbed aboard several life rafts. The extraordinary event took place in a fairly busy area, as a result of which the victims of the accident were quickly rescued by other vessels that approached the site of the emergency. There were no fatalities or serious injuries as a result of the incident. However, almost all of the tourists’ belongings remained on the sunken boat.

DIP previously revealed that a tourist on a boat that sank in Egypt realized something was wrong when he saw a fish swimming outside his window.

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