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Candy does not help: what to do so that the ears are not blocked on the plane

Due to the pressure difference in the aircraft, during takeoff and landing, it can be very stuffy in the ears. This is especially difficult for sensitive people, as well as those who have strong pressure in the skull. While airlines used to hand out sweets, now passengers have to stock up on their own. However, they do not always help. About what to do in such cases – in the material “DIP”.

Diver reception

This movement is used by divers who descend to serious depths. There they also feel serious pressure drops, so they are able to cope well with the physiological consequences. Due to the fact that they were the discoverers, the action was called the diver’s maneuver.

You need to hold your nose with one hand and swallow your saliva. As a result, the pressure in the ears is restored and they are no longer blocked.

Valsalava maneuver

This technique is named after the anatomist and doctor from Bologna, Antonio Valsalva. He described the Eustachian tube and came up with this exercise, which equalizes the pressure in the ears. By the way, astronauts use this method. As they don’t have the opportunity to pinch their nose in a spacesuit, there is a special valsalva device, which is also used to scratch the nose.

Pressurized air helps fight ear congestion, and you can do this with the help of your nose as well. In the first case, you need to inhale air through your mouth, then pinch your nose and try to “exhale” it through your ears. Pressurized air will relieve ear congestion.

Any swallowing movement

Swallowing helps relieve pressure in the ears. For example, sucking on candy, drinking through a straw, and chewing gum are ideal for relieving pressure in the ears.

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