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Blood was everywhere: Shark killed a man in New Caledonia

The tragic death of a 59-year-old Australian after being attacked by a shark 150 meters from the promenade of a popular beach was caught on video, yahoo.news reports.

The publication informs that the incident occurred near the capital of New Caledonia, located in the Pacific Ocean. According to eyewitnesses, the 59-year-old man was swimming just a hundred and fifty meters from the shore near the pontoon bridge when he was attacked by a shark. The predator bit the tourist several times on the leg and both hands.

The media adds that there were two people on a jet ski nearby. They quickly took the victim back to the beach, where rescuers tried to bring the man back to life with a heart massage, but the Australian died.

CCTV footage released by the Daily Mail shows splashes of water near the bridge and dozens of people resting in the sea nearby.

“According to one of the witnesses, the driver of the jet ski went to the rescue after he heard about the shark attack. He then returned to the beach to pick up another member of the beach patrol crew and went after the victim,” the source writes.

Eyewitnesses told reporters that everything happened “so close to the coast that the blood was everywhere.” According to The Pacific Journal, beachgoers have been evacuated and the area is “closed to all visitors.”

“Local authorities have launched a new campaign to capture sharks. As part of the operation, drones were used to detect dangerous predators. The mayor’s office issued a special document allowing the capture of tiger and bull sharks,” the resource reveals the reaction of the authorities.

In continuation of the topic, it is reported that three weeks before the tragic incident, a tourist was injured as a result of a shark attack on the beach of Chateau Royale. The Daily Mail writes that the woman lost her leg and the beach was closed.

It was reopened just three days before the fatal incident – residents are outraged by the authorities’ actions and demand that the dangerous beach be permanently closed. According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, New Caledonia ranks 13th in the world for shark attacks.

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