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Blockchain technology is a breakthrough for the travel industry

Over the past few years, Blockchain technology has aroused great interest in many sectors of the economy. This is largely due to the fact that the use of this algorithm can radically change the way transactions are conducted, increasing transparency and security.

In fact, today you can pay for tickets or other travel services in cryptocurrency. This is a qualitative leap for the tourism industry.

Luggage tracking

Blockchain technology can be extremely valuable when tracking luggage movements, especially when it comes to international travel.

In many cases, the client’s luggage passes from hand to hand several times during the trip. The use of a decentralized database greatly simplifies the exchange of tracking data between companies.

Identification services

Identification services are critical to the tourism industry, and blockchain could potentially become the standard for storing this information.

With this use, the technology can significantly reduce the time of check-in or queue at the airport, as a simple scan of a fingerprint or retina can replace the need for multiple documents.

Security and tracking of payments

Perhaps the most important use of blockchain technology in the hotel business, tourism and travel industry is related to payments.

Here, its applications can range from the function of a global ledger, which simplifies and protects payments, to the ability of travel agencies to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Loyalty programs

Finally, many travel agencies are implementing loyalty programs to encourage their customers.

Blockchain can also help with these loyalty programs by simplifying the process, allowing customers more convenient access to information about their balance / bonuses, etc. and simplifying the distribution of tokens. The technology is also extremely useful in combating fraud in this area.

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