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Beware: a new way of stealing things from tourists’ cars is spreading in Spain

If you are going to Spain on vacation by car (owned or rented), then be vigilant – a new way of robbery is gaining popularity in the country. Fraudsters stop cars on the road, trying to convince the driver that the car has a problem with the wheels, thereby getting the opportunity to steal travelers’ belongings.

“From the summer of last year to the present, in Europe, especially in Spain and Italy, we have recorded an unusually large number of thefts of personal property. This time, an unusual statement was received by the If the insurance company in Lithuania – people went to Spain on a long trip, rented a car there, and on the way, their car was stopped and their belongings were stolen. In such a situation, it is important to know your rights and who to turn to for help,” says Inga Draule, travel product manager at insurance company If.

The theft occurred while driving on the highway. The Lithuanian car was overtaken by a car and began to show signs that something was wrong and that it was necessary to stop immediately. After both cars stopped and the passengers of the other car got out, they started gesturing that the Lithuanians’ tires were on fire. While the tourists were trying to figure out what had happened, one of the gesticulators quickly grabbed the travelers’ bags and ran away.

“In such a situation, the main thing is not to get confused but to take immediate action. After the theft, you should immediately contact the police. The Lithuanians quickly contacted law enforcement agencies, and now the Spanish authorities are investigating this incident,” says Inga Draule.

When traveling by car, it is important to be aware of the potential hazards and listen to preventive advice on how to deal with such situations. “When traveling by car, the main thing is not to lose vigilance. For example, when getting out of the car to take a picture of a beautiful landscape, it is necessary to lock the car. And if the car is also used for living, then it must be parked in specially designated areas. If’s experience shows that parking a vehicle in a place not intended for it can facilitate theft from the car or even theft of the car itself. Another very important precaution is to lock the car from the inside while driving, if possible so that robbers cannot get into the car and steal the things of the driver and passengers These precautions should not only be taken when traveling abroad, as similar thefts can also occur in Latvia,” explains the If representative.

It has been observed that during the holiday’s people become more distracted. According to If, the average amount of compensation for the loss of property abroad as a result of theft is 500 euros. Before planning a trip to another country, people are often warned to be especially mindful of their personal belongings in places like the subway or train. In big cities, it is recommended to carry bags close to the body so that you can always see your belongings and keep them safe. And when leaving the car, it is important not to leave personal items (phone, bag, laptop, photo/video equipment, sports equipment, etc.) in a conspicuous place.

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