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Authorities warn sellers at resorts in Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of Commerce has sent out a warning letter to trade organizations that do not use price tags in tourist areas, Hürriyet Daily News reports.

According to the letter, many store owners are ignoring the law and not labeling their products with price tags. This is especially true for tourist areas. According to the ministry, this is extremely unfair to visitors and leads to a loss of confidence in Turkish tourism.

Recalling the provisions on price tags in consumer protection law, officials pointed out that labeling of goods offered for retail sale is mandatory.

According to the regulation on price tags, the labels must indicate the characteristics of the products and the current price with the date. All local products must be labeled “domestic product”. These indications must be made in Turkish, and prices must be set in lira with the currency indicated. The ministry also noted that price lists should be placed in prominent places.

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