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Attacks on Turkish travel agencies began in Germany

In the traveling country itself, which many Turkish experts count on as a possible alternative to the Russian tourism market, an “anti-tourism” scandal is brewing. We are talking about Germany, where travel agencies, and Turkish ones, have been attacked. Judging by the comments in the Turkish press, the incident is far from isolated.

The reason for the publication was the NP in the Feuerbach district of the city of Stuttgart on Mauserstrasse. There, two people set fire to a travel agency owned by ethnic Turks. This area is generally considered to be a place where Turks actively live.

According to the cameras, two people broke the door of the agency and broke in, spilled flammable materials, and set fire to the area. Firefighters were called by residents when they noticed the flames. The fire was brought under control, but as a result, the travel agency suffered material losses of approximately 10,000 euros.

So far, the Stuttgart police have established that the perpetrators are young people about 18 years old, and about 1.6 meters tall. Also, the police have started work to catch the hooligans.

The most interesting, however, is the comment in the Turkish media. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu himself said that he had met with the owner of the agency and that they would monitor the incident. At the same time, as the speech of a high-ranking media official is quoted, he added that the owner of the agency does not trust the police, “that no attack has been discovered so far,” and “Germany’s track record in these matters is not clean.” That is, it is obvious that this may not be the first attack.

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