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At a Spanish resort, a woman earns 500 euros a day by reserving sunbeds

Not everyone on holiday at a resort wants to take part in sunbed battles, and an enterprising woman in Ibiza decided to make a small business out of it. She told The Sun how she takes places by the pool for wealthy tourists and earns about €500 a day.

Alexia Parmigiani works in Ibiza as an elite concierge, reserving sunbeds by the pools for wealthy clients. The fact is that in the best beach clubs of the resort, renting an ordinary sunbed costs 150 euros, and a four-seater – up to 500 euros. However, in case of being late for more than 20 minutes, the client loses the paid sunbed without the right to a refund.

Wealthy tourists don’t want to get up at dawn and fight over a sunbed, so they hire Alexia to reserve a spot for them. The woman arrives at the beach club before 10 a.m., takes a sunbed, and waits for customers to arrive. At the same time, she is forbidden to sit down, so as not to leave folds and marks on the fabric. Oleksia is usually in contact with the drivers of her clients and is always ready for their arrival.

The services of a woman are not cheap – 500 euros per day. This amount does not directly include sunbed rental and other entertainment but is paid exclusively for saving a place.

Of course, only wealthy tourists are ready to pay such sums. Others prefer to occupy sunbeds with the help of a good old towel.

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