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Another resort hated tourists of the same nationality: we don’t want beggar tourists anymore

“Cheap, drunk, and riotous” tourists are fed up with another popular resort in the country, which this season was marked by the most massive anti-tourist actions. It is about Spain. The country, as reported by the local press, is taking preventive measures against “bachelor and hen parties”, which are crazy drunken entertainment practiced almost exclusively by British tourists.

Yes, Seville recently also joined the Spanish tourist centers that want to prevent “boys”. The city council of Seville decided to limit such events after the events brought residents to a fever pitch. “Drunken maddened crowds, stripped to their underwear at best,” which, moreover, do not bring in money, the locals have already been executed — and the authorities have published a resolution on the measures taken.

The rules and restrictions outlined in the decree will take effect at the end of this year. By the way, they are similarly fighting against the rowdy British in the cities of the Andalusia region, such as Córdoba and Malaga, as well as on popular resort islands.

We will remind you that in the summer Spain was distinguished by mass anti-tourist demonstrations. For example, in the Canary Islands, residents demonstrated with the slogans “The Canaries are no longer a paradise!”, “We don’t want any more tourists!”. Read details here.

In general, it can be said that the problem of “overture”, which was dormant during the covid era, flared up with new force. Hostility to tourists is gaining momentum, demonstrations with the slogans “Enough, we don’t need anymore tourists”, and “Tourists, go home!” are being resumed in popular tourist spots. – this is the situation in some parts of Italy and Spain. Read the details in this article.

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