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An ominous signal: in March, many resorts and cities may be destroyed by a mega-earthquake

The Dutch seismologist Frank Hoogerbits, who predicted the previous earthquake in Turkey, warned tourists about the mega-earthquake in early March, which will destroy many resorts and cities. The expert’s conclusions are published on the page of the scientific institute SSGEOS, of which the scientist is an employee. According to them, an earthquake can occur from March 3 to 5 and touch at least 12 points on the planet. Moreover, the consequences will be much worse than the earthquake in Turkey, the expert is sure.

According to preliminary forecasts, the magnitude of earthquakes will be catastrophic at 8.5 points and even higher. According to Hubertus, the unprecedented seismic activity will be caused by the expected convergence of the planets on March 2 and 5, which, due to their gravity, can cause a seismic disaster on Earth.

As a result, you will have to be alert in almost all earthquake-prone places on Earth. In the list of 12 dangerous destinations, experts included Greece and, accordingly, Turkey, because if something happens in one of these countries, the neighboring one will also “get” in full. The list also includes Japan, Indonesia, Portugal, and North America. However, given the strong tension of the earth’s crust in the area of Turkey, this country is the most dangerous place.

We will remind, you earlier that Mr. Hubertis also predicted that after Turkey, the next place of destructive shocks would be Egypt, as well as Lebanon. According to him, it is based on a study of the vulnerability of both areas to seismic activity. “I can’t tell if it’s going to happen next week or in the next five or ten years,” Hoogerbits said. However, he stated that it was the peak of the full moon, which fell on February 9-10, that caused strong tremors. According to him, “seismic activity may spread towards Lebanon and further to Egypt.

Many other dire forecasts were made for Turkish resorts and cities popular with tourists. There are especially many of them, of course, in Turkey. According to forecasts made by a geologist, a member of the Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the Turkish National Committee of Engineering Geology, Okan Tuysüz, the well-known tourist provinces of Turkey – Antalya, Mugla, and Izmir – are at risk of a new earthquake. A total of 45 provinces, including resort provinces, are recognized as dangerous and have reached the fault line. In general, more than half of all provinces of the country are at risk: 45 out of 81 — and among them are such famous holiday destinations as Antalya, Istanbul, Mugla, known for the resorts of Bodrum, Marmaris, and others, Izmir. “The exact location of most faults is unknown, so it is difficult to point to specific places that are prone to the greatest danger,” the expert added.

Another Turkish seismologist, seismologist, member of the Academy of Sciences of Turkey, Professor Naji Geryur, said that the Turkish province of Adana may be at risk – it should be noted that it is also located on the coast, it is practically a “neighbor” to Antalya in the bay. The risk is also great for Cyprus. The expert explained that during an earthquake, energy is released at one end of the fault, but some of it accumulates and is transferred to the other end of the fault. He recalled that after the disasters in Kahramanmarash, experts declared a possible threat to Adan and Hatay. Geriur said he was waiting for an earthquake in Adana to “defuse” this tension. Cyprus may also be at risk. Read his forecasts at this link.

In addition, the expert agreed with his German colleagues, who previously assumed that Istanbul could also be in the zone of natural disasters. The fact that the “cultural capital” of Turkey is in a zone of extremely high seismic risk, and there is not much time left before a terrible disaster in Turkey, said German scientists from the German Center for Geological Research (GFZ) in Potsdam, who called the dates of a new probable earthquake in Istanbul. Marco Bonhoff from the German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ) in Potsdam is confident that the next big earthquake is just around the corner, and it will most likely happen in the Istanbul area. “Although the situation in Istanbul has not changed due to the recent aftershocks in the southeast, the risk to the metropolis, in general, is as high as in the affected region so far. The average recurrence period of a strong earthquake in Istanbul is 250 years, and the last major earthquake occurred in 1766, so the next one is long overdue,” explained the German expert. Forecasting within a year is difficult, but there is a very high probability that the Istanbul area will be at risk of a major earthquake in the next few years or decades.

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