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An experienced tourist revealed the secret of how to quickly find cheap flights to Google

Airplane tickets can be expensive, but there are several ways to get cheaper flight prices, and one of them was detailed by a money-saving content creator on his TikTok account. It’s about searching for air tickets on Google.

A blogger who specializes in posting tips for people to save money has talked about how travelers can find cheap flights. A relatively simple piece of advice proved decisive for some.

“Haven’t you heard of the trick to finding tickets on Google? “Just type ‘flights’ into Google, don’t add anything in the destination tab and just click on the map,” he advised.

A seasoned tourist demonstrated how several cheap return flights appeared in his search. “But it’s getting better. If you select the Non-stop tab, it will show you all the direct flights,” the traveler added.

In this search, he found a ticket from Great Britain to Amsterdam (Netherlands) and back for 1,500 hryvnias and one to Malta for 1,000 hryvnias.

Commentators were quick to praise his life hack. Some claimed that they themselves used this method and also got a positive result. “Palma is booked for 550 hryvnias”, “Our trip to Vienna costs only 480 hryvnias”, “I just did it. It’s awesome”, “I saved money using this airline after watching this video. Thank you”, tourists left such comments under the video.

Let’s list the tourist’s recommendations on how to buy cheap airline tickets:

  • Use incognito mode. The tourist advised to use tabbed viewing mode in Incognito mode when searching for flights. This prevents the tourist’s data from being used to increase the price of the flight when he returns to book it.
  • Look for errors in prices. Sometimes airlines accidentally quote the wrong price for flights and travelers can take advantage of this. As it happens in large online stores. Those trying to take advantage of this will need to act fast. The topic of false flight prices is booming to such an extent that a number of sites have appeared that provide monitoring data for false flight prices. One of them is Secret Flying.
  • Register with airlines. When a tourist is offered a choice, it may be wise to sign up for an airline loyalty program. This will give travelers the opportunity to accumulate points that can be spent on flights in the future.

According to another seasoned traveler, Alex Outhwaite, who boasts 156,000 subscribers on YouTube, ditching package deals is the key to keeping costs down. “I usually always book everything individually, I never book packages,” he explained, adding that the more travelers use certain brands, the more likely they are to be rewarded with free nights and other trappings of success. And this can save a lot of money.

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