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After analyzing 23.2 million tourists’ reviews, the TOP of the biggest tourist traps in the world was named

The TOP of the biggest tourist traps in the world was presented on the pages of USA Today. The places that lure tourists and then disappoint them were selected based on the analysis of 23.2 million reviews of tourists on Google.

However, the emphasis is on American realities and American tourists – suffice it to say that the “Four Corners” monument at the “junction” of the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah is at the top of the list – which tourists from other countries hardly know about. including the majority of Ukrainians.

In general, the reviews were selected based on a simple criterion: how often the terms “tourist trap”, “overrated” or “expensive” are mentioned in the reviews. Disappointing attractions were selected based on their number.

Let’s talk about the famous ones. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is in the top 5 of both the most expensive and disappointing attractions. Tourists assure that the prices there are high – from 67 dollars per person, twice as much during rush hour, and there is nothing to see.

In Southeast Asia, its counterpart was the Penang hill in Malaysia. Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin – the former crossing point between East and West Berlin – received the most comments that it is a tourist trap – it received the largest number of mentions of “tourist traps” in the analyzed reviews.

Tourists were also disappointed by the Little Mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen and the “Pissing Boy” in Brussels, the Arashiyama bamboo forest in Japan, and even the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California. It also “got” the Dancing House in Prague and the Spanish Steps in Rome. Tourists consider their popularity rather unjustified.

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