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Abuse and debt: The tour operator has decided to sue the largest airline

In the UK, a scandal broke out between the largest British online tour operator On The Beach and the low-cost airline Ryanair, which is also considered the largest budget airline in Europe. The reason, firstly, is the extremely inconvenient for tourists financial policy of the low-cost carrier, the introduction of which many consider an abuse of the airline, and secondly – the pandemic debts of the carrier.

According to On The Beach, Ryanair does not allow customers to manage their online bookings, abusing its dominant position in the market. Using this carrier for the tour operator’s customers has become more expensive and inconvenient – they say.

The reason is that under the new rules, Ryanair has stopped allowing tourists to book and register online for free – this happened in December 2020. The carrier now charges £ 55 for these transactions. At the same time, loyalty cards for tourists are also blocked.

The tour operator-prosecutor also claims that the airline has put some online agencies in a difficult position by not returning the money after the cancellation of flights. Under the Package Tour Rules, Ryanair must reimburse customers £ 48.7 million.

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