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A tourist who visited the beach country accidentally brought blood-sucking flies in a suitcase

A Scottish tourist who returned from a friend’s bachelorette party from Spain complained of bites and blisters on her body from small midges, which she accidentally brought home in souvenir toys for children. The Daily Record writes about it.

As 42-year-old Denise Kelly said, on the last day of a beach holiday in Benidorm, she was bitten by some kind of insect – the woman felt severe pain in her leg, and during the flight back to her native country, she began to feel sick and upset her intestines. Immediately upon arrival, the Scot visited a doctor who prescribed antibiotics for her and sent her home.

When unpacking the suitcase, the woman noticed small midges, and the next day small flocks flew throughout the apartment. The grown flies began to bite – several bites with blisters appeared on Kelly’s body. Having searched for information on the Internet, the Scot realized that she had accidentally brought dangerous insects in her suitcase: the bites of blood-sucking flies of the genus Simulia cause various infections that, in severe cases, can lead to hospitalization.

“I don’t know how they could get into my luggage. I brought toys with water for my children – plastic eggs in which dinosaurs “hatch out”. I think that the flies could lay their larvae inside, ”Kelly admitted.

Currently, the woman and her two children live with friends while the housing inspectorate disinfects the apartment. The tourist continues to take antibiotics, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory drugs to treat her bite blisters. Kelly complained that the treatment could take several weeks, and now she can hardly walk.

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