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A tourist went on a dream vacation that turned into a nightmare

A girl named Amy from Canada decided to go on a dream trip, but could not find a travel companion among her friends. Then she decided to share the trip with a girl she didn’t know well, but Amy had no idea what a disaster her vacation would turn out to be.

As Amy admits, after they arrived in Iceland, her companion began to show a dark side of her character. In a drunken state, the girl attacked Amy and then got into a fight with the hotel administrator.

The girl was taken to the police station and arrested, and Amy was forced to continue the journey alone. The girl also admitted: that in order not to run into her friend in the future, she completely changed her route.

“I was confused because I didn’t know what to do. Finding myself completely alone, I started meeting new people in the hostel and exploring Iceland. Even though it was a busy week, I ended up seeing the northern lights, waterfalls, geysers, and much more,” she shares.

Amy admits that she learned a lifelong lesson from this trip. The girl advises other travelers to choose their companions more carefully so as not to end up in her place.

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