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A tourist spoke about ways to avoid trouble in Egypt

A tourist who visited Hurghada told me how to avoid risk and get around the tricks of some locals.

A man first advises all vacationers in Egypt to know their rights and be careful. So, the traveler urges to read the conditions in the insurance policies and double-check the words of the guides.

In addition, the tourist noted that it is essential to watch the hands of sellers in the markets, as some of them may be overweight or wrap other goods.

“Feel free to say ‘no’ to beach vendors, just a direct ‘no’. We had a case in our hotel where tourists said to a massage therapist ‘not today, maybe tomorrow. And the next day he made a fuss that they didn’t show up.” for a massage and owe him money for the reservation,” he said.

In addition, the man advises not to use a taxi, but instead “make friends with someone from the staff” and ask them to order a car for you.

Another tip is not to buy sunscreen at the resort. Topical products may not protect from the sun.

“Just take slippers and masks with you, everything is “killed” for rent, and buying is very expensive and of poor quality. If you smoke, take sticks and electronic cigarettes with you, locals even buy them themselves, there is a shortage with them, ” the man added.

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