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A tourist in Istanbul was surprised to constantly meet local women with broken noses

A foreign traveler walking through the streets of the Turkish tourist city of Istanbul noticed something strange – local women with broken noses. This discovery surprised him. He posted his thoughts on this in his blog.

Do you think men beat them? I also thought so at first,” the author noted, mixing the theory of violence with other possible causes of this phenomenon in his head.

However, as it turned out, the reason turned out to be completely different – it is the result of a popular plastic surgery to change the shape of the nose, which many women in the famous city voluntarily undergo. “On the streets of Istanbul, you can very often see women with the consequences of rhinoplasty in the form of bruises under the eyes and a fixed bandage on the nose,” he added.

This mass phenomenon, according to the author, testifies to the high well-being of the residents of the metropolis. Such plastic operations are not cheap, and their prevalence indicates that Turkish women have sufficient funds to receive the service.

However, why do the residents of the Turkish cultural capital strive to be like European women? The author suggested that their perception of beauty is influenced by the flow of tourists from Europe. In the city on the Bosphorus, the large number of European tourists has led to a fashion for “correct facial features”.

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