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A picturesque city in Italy will pay 30 thousand euros to those who move there

The authorities of the picturesque town of Prezicche in the Apulia region (Italy) will pay up to 30,000 euros to those who decide to purchase housing there for permanent residence.

As CNN writes, this money will need to be spent on the purchase of vacant housing: the houses put up for sale under this offer cost 25 thousand euros. Like other cheap properties for sale throughout Italy, they have long been neglected by their original owners, so they will need to invest in renovations.

The authorities of Prezicce hope that such a monetary incentive will breathe new life into their empty town, where the number of newborns is decreasing yearly.

“In the historic center, there are many empty buildings built before 1991, which we would like to see alive again with new residents. It is a shame to see our old neighborhoods, full of history, beautiful architecture, and art, slowly emptying,” explained a member of the local council. Alfredo Palese.

The details of the agreement are currently being finalized, but the authorities are ready to launch the program in the coming weeks.

“We will offer up to 30,000 euros to people who want to move here and buy one of these abandoned apartments. The total funding will be divided into two parts: one will go to the purchase of the old house, and the other will go to its renovation, if necessary,” they explained. at the city hall

As a bonus, the new residents of Prezicche will receive an incredible location surrounded by the nature of the Salento area, at the heel of the Italian boot, close to the clean beaches and turquoise waters of Santa Maria di Leuca.

As reported by DIP, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania were previously recognized as the cheapest countries in Europe to live in in 2023, where it is profitable for foreigners to move.

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