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A local tried to burn a tourist alive in Thailand

Thai police are investigating the attack on a 29-year-old tourist from China, who was raped and burned alive in the jungle, Pattaya Mail reports.

According to the portal, a Chinese woman named Menglin was hitchhiking around Thailand with her 19-year-old brother. On one of the highways in eastern Pattaya, they met two Thais on motorcycles who agreed to give tourists a ride.

At some point, a quarrel occurred between the Thais, and one of them, who was carrying Menglin, turned into the jungle. Here he tied up the girl and tried to rape her, when he failed, he smeared the tourist with lotion, presumably to erase his fingerprints from her body, doused the grass around her with oil, and set it on fire. The man then drove away, leaving the woman in a ring of flames.

The Chinese woman told police that despite the horror she felt, she managed to set fire to the ropes binding her hands and freed herself. Afterward, she contacted her brother, and then the law enforcement officers.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found Menglin in a very worried state: the girl was disheveled, and rope marks were visible on her wrists. They immediately discovered fire-scorched grass on an area of 70 square meters.

While law enforcement officers are conducting an investigation and collecting video from surveillance cameras, in the hope that one of them recorded the criminal, the regional authorities sent the tourist to the hospital for a full examination.

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