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A list of the cheapest countries for retirees where they can survive the winter has been compiled

Another budget category of tourists could contribute to the growth of visits to Turkey – this country topped the list of the cheapest countries for European and British pensioners, where they can survive the winter. The corresponding study was presented by the authors of the British WTM review, which first mentioned that Turkey could take second place in the top 10 in terms of the number of tourists that European countries can receive in 2024.

“European pensioners will give preference to Turkey. It will be preferred because of its cheapness, and most likely, in 2024, Turkey will take the title of the second most visited country in Europe after France,” they say.

The cost of living in Turkey – despite outrage at horrendous inflation – is still a quarter of that in the UK, researchers add. Their review also took into account medical conditions, safety, and daily living conditions. Turkey ended up being the European country with the lowest cost of living, with an average of £422 per month. In the UK, the cost of living is no lower than £1,652, researchers say. At the same time, in Turkey, according to researchers, everything is relatively good in terms of medicine and safety.

By the way, Greece is in second place for the cheapest cost of living – it will cost you 894 pounds. In third place is Portugal. As for life in the UK, it turned out that this is not the most expensive country. In neighboring Ireland, the cost of living reaches 1,930 pounds.

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