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A huge alligator came out of the sea onto the beach, causing terror among tourists

On the beach of Dauphin Island in the American state of Alabama, a huge alligator came out of the sea and frolicked in the waves, causing terror among tourists. One of them took a picture of the reptile on his phone and published the pictures on social networks, the Mirror writes.

American Matt Harville was on the beach of Dauphin Island when a huge alligator appeared there. “It was a beautiful day and my girlfriend and I were just hanging out on the beach when someone next door mentioned an alligator. We went down to get a better look at it and take some pictures. It’s not every day something like this happens. We see alligators in the Dog River and the Bird Sanctuary, but rarely in the Bay,” he said.

Despite the shock, Matt dared to take pictures of the huge reptile. “I knew that if I didn’t take pictures, no one would ever believe it. Where else can you go to the beach and the zoo at the same time? You don’t expect to see that,” the American explained.

In the social network, Matt’s photos have collected many views and likes. One local commented: “Alligator just bodysurfing.” And another shared his fears: “I’m going to go crazy if I see this. A new fear of the beach has been discovered.” The third explained the appearance of the reptile: “They go there in search of sea turtle eggs.”

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