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A former stewardess named the dirtiest and most dangerous place on the plane

The former flight attendant named the most polluted place on board, told how to make your trip as safe as possible, and named the worst time to use the restroom, reports The Sun.

According to a British ex-flight attendant, the toilet on the plane is, in fact, a closet.

“But only a closet that doesn’t have clean air and a window. Therefore, the ventilation there is extremely poor. Bring a mask with you if you don’t want to breathe in someone else’s stale (possibly viral) breath and potential fecal particles that are in the air after flushing the toilet,” – she warns.

Brushing your teeth is best left for later, as she explains that all the water on the plane comes from the same reservoir and is not filtered.

“It’s better to take a bottle on board, but do not bring hygiene items into the toilet,” the ex-stewardess clarifies.

A woman also advises avoiding touching surfaces in the aircraft cabin to the maximum.

“If you don’t want to start your vacation with an infection, avoid touching … even with the door. Use gloves, don’t forget the antiseptic, and wipe everything with wet wipes. Also, be sure to take a shower upon arrival and wash your clothes. When I showered immediately after work, sometimes the water turned brown!” she summed up.

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