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5 reasons to visit Egypt in summer: mango season, low prices, and lack of tourist crowds

The normal travel season for Egypt runs from October to April, but this year a new travel experience is available to tourists: visiting Egypt during the summer. Summer Egypt is a great way to get away from the crowded European holidays and save on travel. Fewer crowds, better hotel rates, and delicious mangoes are three of the top five reasons to visit Egypt in the summer.

Egypt is hot but drier, making it pleasant even during the summer months and potentially more comfortable than the scorching summers in Europe in recent years. Tour operator Join UP!, which has been organizing tours to Egypt in the summer from other countries since 2014, offers to choose hotels near the bay, where the sea breeze blows more often. High-rated hotels such as Savoy 5, Sierra 5, Reef Oasis Blue Bay 5, Grand Oasis Resort 4, Royal Albatros Moderna 5, Coral Sea Holiday 5, and Parrotel Beach 5* guarantee an exceptional holiday. The tour operator names five main reasons to visit Egypt this summer and get new travel experiences.

1. Unique experience – warm sunrises and sunsets

Some excursions are more enjoyable in summer. For example, sunsets and sunrises, which can be cold in winter, are quite pleasant in summer. Waiting for dawn on Mount Sinai, where in winter the temperature drops to +10-+15 degrees Celsius, in summer it can be more pleasant even at temperatures above +20 degrees Celsius. In addition, boat trips and island trips in the summer, with guaranteed hot weather and warm seas, can be more enjoyable. The most popular boat tours from Sharm El Sheikh are White Island, Ras Mohammed National Park, and Tiran Island.

2. Fewer crowds

Since the summer in Egypt is the low tourist season, travelers will be able to enjoy the trip with fewer crowds. This means more relaxing holidays at beach or pool resorts, and visiting popular attractions with fewer crowds.

3. Lower prices

Prices in tourism depend on demand, and although tours to the most popular summer destinations in Europe this year reached the highest prices since pre-Covid times, hotels in the less popular summer destination – Egypt – remain affordable. This is a great opportunity to choose a high-class hotel at a good price (for example, “Rixos”), and better rooms with sea views will be more affordable.

4. Beaches and a colorful underwater world

Hot weather is the best time to enjoy the stunning waters and underwater life of the Red Sea. During the summer months, the unique and colorful underwater world becomes even more magical. Many fish species don’t show up in winter because of the cold, but in summer, when the water is warmer, the Red Sea comes alive to the fullest, making snorkeling and diving even more spectacular. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving in the exceptionally warm sea can be the best activity for every traveler this summer. It is also a good time to learn to dive as the water is warmer.

5. Mango season

Mango fruit is one of the favorite treats in Egypt and can even be synonymous with summer in Egypt. The country is one of the largest mango exporters in the world, exporting around 30,000 tons of mangoes to Europe and other markets. The harvesting season for the sweet and fragrant mango in Egypt starts in June and lasts until November, with the peak harvest in June, July, and August. There are 15 different varieties of Egyptian mango – different sizes, colors, and flavors – that are best enjoyed freshly picked in the summer.

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