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10 things that could get you kicked off a plane

We all know that scissors, shampoos, and other piercing-cutting-explosive objects cannot be brought on board. There are also less obvious and unspoken airline rules that can get you kicked off the plane if you break them.

1. Smelly clothes

Purchasing a ticket provides that the passenger will arrive at the boarding gate in decent shape and without clearly perceptible extraneous odors. If there was no time to take a shower, you can use the toilet at the airport or at least wet wipes.

2. Get on board with your germs

Believe me, there are already enough of them on the plane. Therefore, they may not be allowed to board passengers with obvious signs of illness, especially infectious. No one will understand, therefore, if there are visible symptoms, it is better to take a certificate from a doctor that your disease is not contagious.

3. Provocative clothes

For some reason, flight attendants dislike passengers in jeans that leave half open, sorry, priests. Maybe because they can’t afford it. In addition, many were left “overboard” because of indecent inscriptions and political slogans on T-shirts.

4. Refrain from bad language

Most skirmishes that arise during landing are resolved by the crew quite radically. As soon as the disputes intensify and profanity is used, all participants in the conflict can be kicked out of the plane.

5. The last 100 grams were superfluous…

A small dose of alcohol can alleviate the feeling of stress before the flight, or even get rid of it. No, not stress, flight. Any of the signs of intoxication (smell from the mouth, staggering gait, slurring of the tongue …) is sufficient reason for refusing to board the flight. At the same time, the level of alcohol in the blood may be within the normal range, and no one will check. One suspicion is enough.

6. Public displays of affection

Passionate kisses on the plane, in front of other passengers – what could be more romantic? However, be patient with this until the hotel, or at least until takeoff, otherwise, you risk being left alone on an empty runway.

7. Don’t make too much noise

Yes, it’s not your fault that a child or grandson threw a tantrum, but if you don’t calm him down before takeoff, you have every chance to say goodbye to your vacation. And if the child can still be “understood and forgiven”, then adults who behave too loudly or aggressively can easily be kicked out of the plane.

8. Keep your shoes on

Are you sure that the smell of your socks is exactly what the neighbors lack? If not, don’t risk it. Interestingly, they can turn a blind eye to staying in socks, but sitting barefoot is strictly prohibited by the rules of most airlines.

9. Don’t delay takeoff

By refusing to comply with the requests of the crew (fasten seat belts, turn off electronic devices…) you force them to spend extra time on you. It is often easier for the crew to put a disobedient passenger out the door than to lecture him about safety.

10. Be polite

Harassing other passengers or arguing with a flight attendant can also cause you to be kicked off the plane. Few people want to fly with a boorish subject in the neighborhood.

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