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Sri Lanka opens the world’s first floating agritourism resort

Sri Lanka is ready to create the world’s first floating resort dedicated to agritourism, which will include about 50 floating cabins. According to the latest reports, the floating agritourism resort of Bolagala in Catania, located near the tourist center of Negombo, it will be the latest addition that offers a unique experience for those who visit the country.

The 50 houses will reportedly have a floating restaurant, a swimming pool, a pub, a main restaurant, a karaoke room, an underwater gym and a spa.

Tourists will also enjoy a combination of other experiences, such as water sports, jogging and cycling trails, a tennis court, fishing and leisure on electric vehicles. This sustainable tourism company will introduce the concept of organic farming, where visitors will also be able to gain practical experience in farming in Sri Lanka. It is reported that this is the first time that the concept of organic farming has been used in the Negombo area.

Процес будівництва кабін на агро курорті в Шрі-Ланці
The process of building cabins at an agro resort in Sri Lanka

Referring to this, Sri Lankan Tourism Minister Kimarli Fernando said: “Sustainable and environmentally friendly products are the future of tourism, especially after COVID-19, and we hope that the industry will be innovative and create a unique experience such as this project.” .

According to the plan, the project will be implemented in two stages. While the first phase will complete three deluxe rooms, 3 mobile rooms with GPS, 27 deluxe rooms, a restaurant and a swimming pool, the second phase will include the completion of the rest of the cabins along with the underwater spa. It is also reported that the underwater spa will be equipped with four spa rooms.

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