Saudi Arabia is building a giant tourist archipelago

Saudi Arabia is building a giant resort in the archipelago to attract travelers from around the world. According to available data, there will be 50 luxury hotels, and the first of them will open in 2022. The archipelago, dubbed the Red Sea Project, will be the world’s largest renewable energy destination.

Thus, the Arab government plans to achieve a 30 percent net environmental benefit by 2040. This ambitious project aims not only to preserve the local environment, but also to improve it. The project is expected to be fully completed by 2030. Upon completion, it will include 8,000 hotel rooms, 1,300 residential buildings and all modern amenities on 22 islands of the archipelago!

The energy will be generated by solar panels and wind turbines, and will house the world’s largest battery storage. This is just one of many ambitious projects supported by the government’s Vision 2030 program. This is an initiative aimed at developing tourism in Saudi Arabia and eliminating dependence on oil in the region.

John Pagano, CEO of the Red Sea, said: “We are deeply aware of our responsibility to protect this pristine environment and have taken strict measures from the outset. We leave untouched 75% of our island archipelago and identify nine islands as special areas. “.

He also said the number of travelers would be limited to one million a year to prevent excessive tourism in the future.

Apparently, before it suffered from COVID-19, tourism in Saudi Arabia grew, and the kingdom announced an exclusive e-visa program. During the pandemic, growth, of course, stopped.

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