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Turkey tightens rules for renting out housing to tourists

Turkey has passed a law requiring homeowners to obtain special permission to rent it out to tourists. Resmi Gazete tells more.

To rent out housing for less than 100 days, permission from the Ministry of Tourism will be required. For violating the rules, the owner faces a fine of 100 thousand Turkish liras. If an illegal rental is detected after the first fine, a repeat offense will cost homeowners 1 million liras.

“To rent out housing for tourism purposes, permission must be obtained before entering into a tourism rental agreement. In this regard, signs with qualifications determined by the ministry will be posted at the entrance of rental houses.

If a landlord rents out housing to tourists that is located in an apartment building, he will need to obtain the consent of all residents of the building,” the law states.

The new requirements do not apply to housing that will be rented for more than 100 days. The law was adopted to license housing and not create security risks.

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