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Sardinia offers 15,000 euros to those who buy a house on the island

According to Libertatea, the Sardinian authorities will allocate 15,000 euros to those who buy their first home on the island.

The only condition is that the purchased housing must be located in a settlement with a population of up to 3,000 people.

45 million euros have been allocated for the implementation of the project. It is aimed at combating the outflow of the population from rural areas, as well as at stimulating economic activity.

Assistance for up to 15,000 euros in the form of a gratuitous subsidy is allocated for the purchase of the real estate, including for foreigners. However, the amount of assistance cannot cover more than 50% of the cost of the house or the cost of repairs.

Recall that in Sardinia there is another all-Italian project to restore abandoned housing – “Houses for 1 euro” (Case a 1 euro). The following municipalities of the island participate in it: Montresta, Nulvi, Romana, Ollolai, and Bonnaroo.

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