“This is war”: Polish doctors are exhausted by the third wave of COVID

Some Polish doctors and nurses are simply dozing off between shifts fighting the third wave of coronavirus, the health minister said Friday amid reports that medical personnel were taking oxygen and intravenous drips to boost energy.

The 38-million-strong country will report about 700 deaths from coronavirus on Friday, Health Minister Adam Nedzelsky said after the number of deaths on Thursday reached a new record – 954

“This is really a war, and the situation requires unusual behavior,” he told private radio station RMF 24.

“These are the most complex, the most complex photographs that reflect the burden of this work,” Nedzelsky said when asked to comment on doctors’ use of drips and oxygen to restore strength for work.

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“When I visited the temporary hospital in Katowice, I saw doctors and nurses sleeping to rest between shifts. The intensity of work is significant due to staff shortages,” Nedzelsky said.

Last week, Poland reported a record number of new cases, about 35,000 a day, and on Wednesday the government extended the restrictions until April 18, closing kindergartens, schools, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas and theaters.

The previous 24-hour death record was 674, it was reported in November. On Thursday, Poland reported 27,887 new coronavirus infections, for a total of nearly 2.5 million.

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