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The headquarters of the Polish police secretly owned bitcoins

Polish police have issued an official statement stating that the fact of bitcoin mining was discovered in the building of the Head Office in Warsaw. As the representative of department specified, this activity was carried out by the civilian, instead of the employee of law enforcement agencies.

The 24-hour Polish news channel TVN24 was the first to report the incident to the general public, citing unofficial information confirmed by two sources. After that, the police made official comments. Inspector Mariusz Charka, a spokesman for the police chief, said: “A civil servant, not a police officer … tried to steal electricity for bitcoin mining. Unfortunately, it happened in the police station.”

Mr Charka added that the suspect had no access to databases belonging to the police at any stage of his activities. They also did not have access to equipment on which cryptocurrency was extracted. Although mining used the general network connection of the Main Directorate. The inspector also noted that the offense was discovered as soon as possible, although he did not specify when.

TVN24 journalists found out some more details of this incident. When the fact of illegal activity was revealed, not only the suspect in the extraction of cryptocurrency was released, but also another person, apparently involved in the incident. At the moment, the detainee is accused of stealing electricity – the case was transferred to the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office, which will investigate the crime and continue the trial.

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