Conditions of employment in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

You can only work in Pakistan if you have a valid entry visa and a work and residence permit with the right to work.

IRP diplomatic missions abroad issue visas to enter Pakistan for employment. Employment permits for foreign nationals are administered by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Residence permits with the right to work are issued by the Pakistani police.

Visas and permits are issued in the following cases:
1. If, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, there are no able-bodied Pakistani applicants for the job with appropriate education and qualifications.

2. A foreign citizen has a sufficient level of knowledge and has the appropriate qualifications.

3. The specialization of a foreign specialist will be used to train Pakistani workers.

There are two ways to obtain a Pakistani entry visa for employment.
The first, the most common. The Pakistani company-employer applies to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Pakistan. The specified ministry considers the application of the employer and in case of the positive decision of a question informs about it through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of IRP the corresponding diplomatic representation of IRP abroad.

Second. A person wishing to be employed in the IRP, through the diplomatic mission of Pakistan in the host country, makes a request to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Pakistan, which reviews the request and through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the IRP informs the relevant diplomatic mission. Requests for employment in medical institutions are considered by the Ministry of Hygiene and IRP Therapy.

To make a request, the job applicant submits the following package of documents to the consular department:
1. a completed questionnaire of a special sample;

2. a copy of the last document on education;

3. a copy of the pages of the passport or other identity documents.

After receiving a notification from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs or the Ministry of Hygiene and Therapy, you can apply for a Work Permit Visa.

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After entering Pakistan, you must apply for a work visa to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and obtain a work permit form, which is returned to the Ministry upon termination of employment.

Employment permits are permanent and temporary. As a rule, permanent work permits in Pakistan are obtained by highly qualified workers, experts, engineering and technical personnel of foreign companies engaged in projects in various industries: automotive, transport, energy, construction, etc .; aircraft and sea crews, coaches of sports teams, scientists, etc. A permanent employment permit is issued, renewed and renewed for a period of one year. The cost of a permanent permit is determined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and is approximately $ 70.

The temporary permit is issued in a simplified manner – at the request of the head of the relevant ministry to the Minister of Labor and Social Policy in cases where the state interests so require. An employment visa is not required to apply for it. The temporary permit is issued and extended for a period of three months.

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The final stage of the employment process is to obtain a residence permit in the IRP with the right to work. To do this, you need to go to the Office of Foreign Citizens of the IRP Police at the place of employment and submit the following package of documents:

1. completed and signed questionnaire of a special sample;

2. original and copy of employment permit;

3. statement by the employer;

4. 5 photos measuring 6 by 4 cm;

5. receipt of payment of state duty in the amount of approximately 10 US dollars;

6. the original passport and copies of its pages.

For some professions, the issuance of work permits for foreigners is not carried out at all: it is security guards, drivers and concierges of residential buildings.
Those who work illegally in Pakistan are subject to deportation.

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