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Russian tourist in Montenegro attacks the Ukrainian family for having Ukrainian flags

Several videos are being discussed on social networks, in which employees of the Ponta Beach Club Petrovac beach cafe in Montenegro kick out a group of Ukrainian tourists. The reason for the conflict was that vacationers hung the national flag of the country on one of the sun loungers located on the premises.

This is how the participants in the Real Kyiv telegram channel describe the incident: “As soon as the Russians complained that they didn’t like to see the Ukrainian flag, the owner immediately ran to kick us out and said that he didn’t want to see Ukrainians here, while pushing my mother and father.”

Note that the video begins immediately with a skirmish between the staff of Ponta Beach Club Petrovac and Ukrainians. The cafe employee insistently asks tourists to leave the beach, not to take it off and tries to move the woman who pointed the phone at him. The latter starts screaming and threatening to call the police. Then the guards join the action. They try to escort tourists off the beach without ceremony.

Already in the next video, the guard literally pushes the woman out of the cafe. All this is accompanied by screams from all sides and accusations of beating.

The story ends with the address of the local manager in broken Russian to the tourists: “I begged you not to do this. You can wear a flag in front of the entrance, but you can’t here. It’s not fair what you’re doing, this is private property. Come out.”

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