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Kuleba: Ukraine convinces EU and G7 to close entry to Russian tourists

Denying entry to Russian tourists would be the most effective personal sanction against Russia. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba in the article “Close the Doors for Russian Tourists” for Politico.

According to him, this will be the first step towards the realization by the Russians of their own guilt for the war unleashed by their country against Ukraine.

The diplomat explained that “massive support for the war inside Russia remains a dark reality that not all European leaders are ready to acknowledge.”

“The Russians have not even begun to realize their guilt. In fact, they are moving in the opposite direction. That is why it is necessary that all EU and G7 countries stop issuing tourist visas to Russians,” Kuleba said.

However, he noted that the “tiny minority of Russians” who do not support the war against Ukraine should retain the opportunity to receive asylum. Entry on humanitarian grounds should also be preserved, the head of the Foreign Ministry believes.

The Minister said that Ukraine is currently actively working with partners in the EU and the G7, urging them to close the entry of Russian tourists.

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