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What happens if you step on a sea urchin

When swimming in coastal waters, there is a high risk of stumbling upon a sea urchin. During the day, sea urchins hide in crevices of stones and rocks, and at night they come out to feed. The needles of some of them can reach 30 centimeters, and if they stick into the leg, unpleasant sensations await. What are dangerous sea urchins, we tell in the material “DIP“.

If a person inadvertently steps on a sea urchin, he will feel a sharp pain and burning sensation. The needles will get stuck in the skin, and it will be very difficult to get them out. They look like ordinary splinters and also cause purulent inflammation. But they have “notches” on the outside, so it is better for the surgeon to remove them.

The needles of sea urchins contain a toxic substance. With it, they protect themselves from other marine life. This substance is indeed poisonous, but its quantity is not enough to kill a person directly. However, there is another deadly situation – this is anaphylactic shock, that is, an acute allergic reaction that can occur when needles penetrate tissue. In this case, a meeting with a sea urchin can be fatal.

If you step on it, the first step is to get out of the water and treat your skin with a disinfectant. If possible, find a lemon and table vinegar 5-7%. Such a solution will help dissolve the sea urchin needles, which are composed of organosilicon compounds.

If you feel signs of suffocation, your health has deteriorated sharply, you must urgently call for help and call an ambulance.

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