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Traveler’s first aid kit: what to take with you on vacation in the summer

Summer is the traditional holiday season. Someone is waiting for a trip to an exotic country, and someone will go out of town to the nearest body of water, but in both cases, it is important to think about your safety. A properly assembled first aid kit will help save any trip. Don’t forget to save the list.

This list includes drugs that will help with acclimatization, allergies, intestinal infections, digestive disorders, as well as antipyretics and painkillers for both adults and children. However, it should be understood that a first-aid kit will help out with a slight indisposition, but will not cancel a trip to the doctor.

A sharp climate change, acclimatization after a flight from one country to another, temperature changes in an airplane – stress for the immune system, which often happens when traveling. Exacerbations of existing chronic diseases are possible, and the likelihood of catching cold in-flight increases, as a result, there is no desire to get acquainted with a new country and the vacation can be hopelessly ruined. Therefore, at the first symptoms, it is better to immediately try to alleviate your condition and consult a doctor or use medications containing Ibuprofen. It acts both as an analgesic and as an antipyretic, and in addition, it can be used for headache and toothache, muscle, joint, and bone pain, post-traumatic pain, neuralgia, cold and flu pain, and painful menstruation. Conveniently, it is produced in different forms: in addition to tablets, there are suspensions and soft capsules, and it can be used even for children older than three months.

How can you get to know a new country and not try the local cuisine? After all, we often get to know new places and experience new sensations by trying exotic dishes. But it should be noted that on the way, as well as when changing the climatic zone in the gastrointestinal tract, the composition of the microflora may change. Plus new spices and spicy foods can cause indigestion and diarrhea. And it also robs us of precious rest days. Probiotics and prebiotics will help to insure against intestinal infections, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, taking antibiotics, and improper diet, and even more effective if the drug contains both probiotics and prebiotics.

When traveling to exotic countries, you can sometimes encounter unsanitary conditions, and this can also affect your health – poisoning, which is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, which subsequently threatens to dehydrate the body. The appearance of such symptoms is also possible after swimming in pools with water that has undergone insufficient sanitization. What often happens when relaxing with children, who are difficult to lure out of water parks and pools. With dehydration caused by poisoning, intoxication, diarrhea, high temperature (fever), and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, the body’s water-salt balance must be replenished with drugs that can be taken orally. It is even better if such a preparation contains not only healthy salts and glucose but also probiotics with prebiotics – in this case, it will help restore the water and electrolyte balance and intestinal microflora.

Another problem that tourists may face is allergies. There are two options here: you either have a seasonal allergy and you go on a trip during the period of active flowering of plants, or you did not find out in advance which allergens are common in the travel area and suddenly met them on the spot. In addition, during a trip to another country, it may turn out that you have a food allergy to specific foods of a particular country. Therefore, take into service special antihistamines that can be used by both children and adults, for example, in liquid form. The range of application of antihistamines is wide – for the symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis, food, and drug allergies, and skin itching of various origins (urticaria, itchy dermatoses).

Traveler's first aid kit: what to take with you on vacation in the summer

What else to take with you:

  • patches and bandages;
  • iodine, brilliant green;
  • antiseptic;
  • sunscreen;
  • sunburn cream;
  • insect bite remedy;
  • preparation for motion sickness in water and the air.

We wish you a good holiday and sincerely hope that you will not have to use the collected first-aid kit.

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