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The doctor told me what to do if a jellyfish stung

Meeting a jellyfish at sea is not the most pleasant feeling. At the end of the beach season, there are especially many of them. However, some jellyfish can be hazardous to health. A general practitioner told DIP why and what to do if they are stung by one of them.

According to the doctor, a burn is not the most dangerous thing that a meeting with a jellyfish can end up with.

I’m very wary of jellyfish because some people don’t even know the risk they can pose. Some jellyfish have nerve venom. A burn is the least that a person may encounter when in contact with a jellyfish. Hypertension may occur, and sudden death may occur. Jellyfish venom can also cause paralysis.

If, after contact with a jellyfish, a person simply has redness, it is necessary to use antihistamines, use topical balms, and glucocorticosteroids (GCS) – substances that reduce pain and swelling. GCS is administered orally or by injection.

If it is a burn that hurts, and a headache begins, blood pressure rises, and arms and legs go numb, it is urgent to call an ambulance team and take measures aimed at eliminating the toxin, otherwise, the outcome can be fatal.

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