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Thailand is struck by a new scourge: the discovered virus turned out to be deadly, 970 thousand people have already fallen ill

Thailand is hit by a new scourge — this time a dangerous virus that has already infected 970,000 people and has resulted in deaths. Thai medical officials are sounding the alarm about this. This scourge turned out to be the “ordinary” flu. But tourists and citizens of the country are warned about its “highly contagious” nature.

Thailand’s Department of Health Disease Control (DDC) has released an alarming statistic: the annual number of flu infections this year has exceeded 970,000 people – a sharp increase, triple the number of last year.

“This indicates the highly contagious nature of the seasonal flu,” the agency warned tourists. There are also fatalities, including a 39-year-old man, admittedly “with complications caused by both alcoholism and chronic liver disease.”

According to tradition, the leadership of the Department urged them to wash their hands and wear masks – for now, only those who have symptoms of flu infection. Everyone was also advised to get vaccinated. “The H1N1 strain, which has been affecting the Thai population for more than 14 years, continues to dominate the growing number of flu cases. This virus is not abnormally dangerous,” the doctors said. They also deny “circulating rumors” that suggest a link between severe flu symptoms and the effects of covid and covid vaccinations.

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