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Europe is on the verge of a new pandemic, tourism is already starting to panic

New types of coronavirus are still capable of causing excitement and some panic, and most importantly, new lockdowns. Especially when statements about a new pandemic and the “refreshing” of vaccinations are heard again. It was with such statements that at the beginning of August, a new subspecies of covid called “Erys” was met in Europe, and since September, the WHO added a new “favorite” – a subspecies of COVID-19 called “Pyrrola”. Tourism, listening to WHO recommendations, usually starts to panic.

At the moment, this subspecies of the coronavirus was discovered in France, where there was also talk of a rapid new pandemic. Also, according to European mass media, “pyrrole” has already been recorded in more than 10 countries, including the USA, Denmark and Sweden.

For now, the WHO states that this subspecies of the coronavirus and the situation with its spread “are under surveillance.” But an alarming signal can be the fact that the WHO has already stated that this subspecies can “bypass” the immunity acquired after vaccination, as well as that which is present in sick patients. That is, at least, the history of vaccinations can be started again. The restoration of mandatory tests is also sometimes “slipped”. Tourism cannot but be alarmed by this.

However, let us recall that at the beginning of August, the same declarations about the “restoration of the epidemic” were made by the previous favorite – the “eris” variant, which also caused the escalation of COVID-19 in France. At that time, there were also declarations that the main reason was “a decrease in the population’s immunity, as vaccines and transferred infections eventually lose their protective effect.”

As of mid-August, the Eris sub-variant was detected in 51 countries. The WHO assured that this is probably because these countries are more active in testing for Covid and have not abandoned it due to unnecessaryness. At the same time, in connection with this new strains, the WHO said that countries should not cancel the measures they have introduced regarding Covid, pointing out the danger of the new strain, and also saying that the virus is not seasonal, as it was in the past. Apparently, it is about tests and new vaccinations.

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