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A British tourist flew to Turkey to lose weight but died in hospital

In Antalya, a Turkish resort town, there was a tragic situation involving a tourist from the UK, who came to lose weight through surgery. Unfortunately, her life ended on the operating table during a stomach resection.

Janet Savage, 54, traveled to the southern province of Antalya hoping for a popular surgical procedure that helps shed excess weight by curbing her appetite. However, despite the standard operation and the experience of the medical staff, the operation brought an unexpected result: the aorta ruptured, causing rapid bleeding.

Doctors fought for the life of the patient, but the efforts were in vain. Janet died due to blood loss on the operating table.

It is worth noting that many Europeans and Britons come to Turkey for medical tourism, including gastrectomy, plastic surgery, dentistry, and other types of medical interventions. The main reason is the relatively affordable prices for medical services.

But despite the experience and professionalism of doctors, medical tourism always carries risks. For example, aortic rupture, which is often fatal, is a difficult problem, even with surgery.

Such incidents underline that even when choosing experienced clinics and doctors, medical procedures always involve certain risks, and all aspects must be carefully weighed before making a decision.

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