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A 50-year-old tourist is at risk of having his penis amputated after a stormy vacation at a popular Italian resort

A 50-year-old tourist from Germany, who had sex in his apartment for 24 hours without stopping, is in serious condition in the hospital of the Italian resort town of Grosseto. The man is at risk of having his penis amputated, the Mirror writes.
A German tourist and his wife made love in their apartment in Castel del Piano for almost a day. After that, the man felt seriously unwell and was admitted to a local hospital at the beginning of the month. A week after hospitalization, his condition remained serious, and now the tourist is in the intensive care unit.
According to local media reports, the man was diagnosed with septic shock, which caused necrosis of the penis and scrotum. Because of this, the tourist is at risk of amputation of the penis.
Also in Italy last month, it was reported that an inept urologist was under investigation after amputating a patient’s penis due to a non-existent tumor. A local surgeon, 35, is accused of causing serious injuries to an unnamed patient in the Tuscany region in 2018. The man, who is now 68 years old, decided to file a lawsuit and demands compensation for 400,000 euros.
The patient said he had suffered “very serious damage” and that he deserved compensation for the physical loss of his penis as well as the psychological trauma he suffered. The surgeon who operated was said to be highly respected but no longer works at a hospital in Tuscany and has moved to Milan.

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