How Ukrainians can get medical help abroad

When traveling abroad for medical or wellness services, patients should be aware of all the risks and benefits of receiving medical care in a foreign country.

When choosing a foreign health care institution, it is necessary to find out whether the institution has experience working with foreign patients and departments (centers) that provide assistance in the organization of treatment of foreign citizens, the specialization of the institution, its authority, international accreditation. In order to prevent violation of your rights abroad, special attention should be paid to obtaining complete and maximally objective information about:

  • the possibility of receiving an initial consultation on the territory of Ukraine (including from a foreign doctor), the conditions for passing a medical examination;
  • availability of accredited (authorized) intermediaries;
  • stages and duration of treatment (including rehabilitation);
  • the institution’s pricing policy and forms of payment for the services provided (including the organization of travel for treatment, involvement of translators);
  • risks of planned procedures and expected results;
  • medical preparations and methods that will be used;
  • doctor and staff who will be involved in the treatment process;
  • living conditions of the patient and accompanying persons, climate of the relevant area, peculiarities of nutrition, etc.;
  • other basic treatment conditions, depending on the disease.

Before the trip, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the information on the conditions of entry and stay for the purpose of treatment in the territory of a foreign country, the peculiarities of its legislation on the protection of the rights of patients (consumers), state regulation in the field of providing medical services by health care institutions or intermediary companies (agents). .

Please note that today in Ukraine there are still no mechanisms of influence on the activities of intermediary structures for the provision of medical services. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine recommends that citizens of Ukraine take care of insurance coverage for treatment abroad.

It should be remembered that the legal relationship between the patient and the clinic and the patient and the intermediary providing treatment services abroad must be formalized in the form of a written agreement (contract), supplemented by a treatment plan. It is necessary to leave original documents (preferably with a translation) that relate not only to your treatment, but also to the organization of departure and stay abroad.

In case of difficulties in obtaining medical services abroad, we advise you to contact foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine for information on the specifics of the legislation of the host country, as well as on matters of communication with the official institutions of this country in order to restore violated rights.