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North Korea: We are using nuclear weapons to destroy the Seoul army

North Korea will use its nuclear weapons to “eliminate” the South Korean military in the event of a preemptive strike by Seoul. This was stated by the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, reports AFP.

Kim Yo-jong’s warning came in response to a threat from South Korean Defense Minister Sukh Wook. On Friday, he said the South Korean military has missiles “capable of accurately and quickly hitting any target in North Korea when there are clear signs of a missile being fired from North Korea.”

In response, Kim Yo Jong said that the discussion of a pre-emptive strike on nuclear forces by “crazy” Su was “a very big mistake,” according to the KCNA report.

The threats come amid a resumption of weapons testing by North Korea, which last month launched its first long-range ICBM in 2017.

“In the event that South Korea chooses a military confrontation with us, our nuclear forces will inevitably have to fulfill their obligations,” said Kim Yo-Chen, a key political adviser in Pyongyang. The “main task” of North Korean nuclear forces is to act as a deterrent, but in the event of an armed conflict, such weapons will be used to “eliminate the enemy’s armed forces.”

As a result of this “terrible attack”, the South Korean forces will face “an unfortunate fate, complete destruction and ruin.”

This month, North Korea will celebrate the 110th birthday of founder Kim Il Sung, grandfather of current leader Kim. Pyongyang usually likes to mark key national anniversaries with military parades, massive weapons tests or satellite launches.

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