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A suitcase with cocaine accidentally fell on the roof of a house in Sardinia

An unusual situation occurred in Sardinia when a suitcase fell from a small plane onto the roof of a house. It contained pure cocaine.

The surprised owners of the house heard a loud bang and immediately called the police, who found a suitcase with cocaine on the roof. The cocaine was to be relocated to Barat-San Pietro, a city of about 1,200 people in Sardinia, where drug traffickers were to wait for it.

An investigation was immediately launched, which resulted in the arrest of the pilot this week. The investigation established that the plane took off from a small airport in Rome. He disappeared from the radar a few minutes before the suitcase fell because he was flying at low altitude. Analysis of the GPS in the plane confirmed that in those 20 minutes the plane made several circles over the place where the suitcase was found, police said.

Using eyewitness accounts from airport staff and camera recordings, police were able to identify the pilot as Francesco Rizu from Rome. He worked as a pilot in a Hungarian company and flew for very rich people, he was arrested at Calgary Elmas Airport after landing in Germany.

Police are still looking for people who should have received the cargo.

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