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What you need to know if you are going to All-Inclusive for the first time

The all-inclusive system is interpreted differently in all hotels. However, in most hotels, it means five meals a day with a buffet, animation, and a private beach with sun loungers and umbrellas. Not everyone is accustomed to this type of vacation, but for those who go on such a vacation for the first time, in the material “DIP” – about what you need to know.

Alcohol is not always good

“All-inclusive” includes an unlimited bar of alcoholic drinks. For those who like to drink, this is an affordable way to relax and not spend money. As a rule, classic mix cocktails are presented as part of the program, but the alcohol there is not always of high quality. In some hotels in Turkey, for example, they even found fake alcohol. Despite regular police raids, hotels still manage to serve counterfeit liquor to guests. Therefore, be careful and do not abuse alcohol on vacation.

Differences in different countries

In all countries, the concept of “all-inclusive” is different from each other. In Turkey, this can be a full range of entertainment, spa, five meals a day, and drinks. In Ukraine, for example, according to such a system, you will be served only three meals a day. Therefore, before the trip, it is better to clarify the details with the travel agent in advance so that you do not have any surprises on vacation.

Pay attention to food freshness

Unscrupulous hoteliers who save on guests like to serve the same dishes at different meals. Therefore, it is better to choose whole foods on the buffet, for example, vegetables, fruits, and potatoes, and also refuse salads and side dishes generously seasoned with sauces. Also, do not use water that is served in jugs, it is better to choose bottled water, as you will know for sure that the package has not been opened.

Additional services

Many hotels, even though they provide all-inclusive services, have additional services. For example, for a fee, you can get freshly squeezed juice for breakfast or elite alcohol, as well as a variety of desserts. Also, an additional fee can be charged for entertainment, for example, riding on water transport on the beach. Therefore, it is better to specify the cost in advance, and if the service is free, let it be a pleasant surprise for you.

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