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Ways to spot fake hotel reviews revealed

Tourists were advised to be suspicious of positive reviews written in an overly enthusiastic manner. How to recognize fake reviews from real ones, said expert Matthew Hairsnape (Matthew Hairsnape), writes Mirror.

The founder of the travel review service said that five-point ratings of an object can often be falsified. In his opinion, it is unlikely that any institution receives only positive reviews and there is not a single comment or suggestion for improvement. This also applies to “colorful” negative reviews, as they can be written by competitors or a person who is stressed or in a bad mood.

The expert revealed that it is important to pay attention to details: a real person will always include details in his review to better describe the experience of staying in an institution. In addition, Hairsnape advised to check the reviewers themselves: for example, pay attention to their names or see if the dates of the holidays in different hotels overlap.

“Be careful when reading reviews from users who don’t have a profile picture and have a very unusual name, like Theodore the Golden Apple, or a name that is considered too common, like John John Smith,” the specialist warned.

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