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Turkish hotels plan to exclude alcohol from the all-inclusive system

In Turkey, there was an idea to change the concept of “all-inclusive” as part of package tours, excluding alcohol.

Such an initiative aims to increase the attractiveness of a holiday in the country for family travelers. According to the information provided on TurizmGuncel.com, Bentour proposed revisingriffs for tours to Turkey. The company’s CEO, Deniz Ugur, emphasizes the importance of creating basic all-inclusive options that either contain less alcohol or eliminate it.

Such a move will help attract families focused on non-alcoholic holidays in Turkey.

According to the publication, this year the prices for hotels in Turkey have exceeded the price level for many other resorts in the Mediterranean. Deniz Ugur believes that lowering the cost for families with children will help keep holidays in Turkey affordable. He proposes to include in the range of basic all-inclusive packages, in which alcoholic drinks will not be provided.

This is because high taxes on alcohol in Turkey hurt the cost of vouchers and tours in the end.

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