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Tourists were told which hotels they should avoid immediately

How successful your vacation will be depends on the right choice of hotel. Often, dirty linens or rude staff can ruin your experience.

Users of the social network Reddit have voiced personal “red flags” regarding hotels. In their opinion, such lapses on the part of the staff are a sure sign that it is better not to stay in such a hotel even for one night.

“I don’t like air fresheners that are too strong. If you get to a hotel with a strong air freshener smell in the room, they’re trying to cover up bad odors like mold, sewage, or worse,” said user Im_not_matt.

Another user with the nickname KarlSethMoran recommended paying attention to dark brown stains, especially paying attention to the sleeping area: the bed, mattress, and internal seams.

“Small dark brown spots on the top of the bed, under the mattress, or on the seams are bedbugs,” he wrote.

Moreover, his advice was supplemented by an equally impressive fact, namely, one of the users writes that if, upon checking into a room, breathing problems appear and your eyes literally “sore,” then, most likely, disinfection was carried out in this room not long ago from insects.

Judging by the complaints of Internet users, various funny situations often happen to tourists. For example, a taxi driver, before taking a traveler to her hotel, asked: “Are you sure?”

At the same time, another user urged to pay attention to the age of the staff.

“In my experience, if all the hotel staff are young, it means that whoever runs the hotel hires only the lowest-paid people. They usually don’t know their responsibilities. In every case like this, the service was completely lacking,” he shares.

However, the main advice for choosing a hotel remains a careful search and reading the reviews of other guests. As users write, this will be the best decision before going on vacation.

“When you are looking for a place on the Internet, and there are no photos of the appearance or the street of the supposed area, then you should pay attention to this. It is better not to go to such a hotel,” the user writes.

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