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Tourists were informed of an effective way to change the room to the best one at the hotel without paying extra

It is possible to change the hotel room to the best one without having to pay any extra money, but it requires special preparation before the trip. Tourism expert Melissa Klurman shared the details.

The effort a traveler makes can mean a discount of 10 percent or more on a hotel or room upgrade, she said. “When I travel, I know there’s a better room, with a bigger bed, a better view, and I want to be in that room,” she explained, Boston 25 News reported.

The best way to get these upgrades is to show loyalty to a certain hotel chain and use the privileges and cards issued by those hotels. “If you like Hilton hotels, it might be worth getting a Hilton brand card because you’ll accumulate more points that way. Thus, you will get a higher status, and then you will be treated a little better,” the specialist clarified.

She also recommended ways hotel guests can save money on their hotel rooms by choosing the right booking site and choosing certain prices. “Usually I find it cheapest to book through the hotel. I’m looking for a pay-per-view room because having a pay-per-view room means that if the prices go down, you can rebook what’s already on your list, so that’s something to keep an eye on,” the interviewee advised.

She also suggested looking to see if hotel cards offer programs or discounts: “Go into all your cards, research loyalty programs and see if there are any discounts. Sometimes they are, and all you have to do is click on them in an app or on a website, and suddenly you can get 10% off or cash back. You have whatever money you don’t have in your pocket, and all it takes is a few seconds to press a button.”

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