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Tourists were exposed to the tricks of Egyptian hotels on the All inclusive system

The All-inclusive service system, which is popular with many tourists, is usually not beneficial to hotels. However, many hotels in Egypt have developed tricks that can save a lot on brutally hungry tourists. A travel blogger told more about this.

Arrange the dishes correctly

At the entrance to the restaurant, guests will be offered not “expensive meat or seafood, but” attractive, often – high-calorie, but cheap dishes (salads, desserts). Not every bird will reach the middle of the Dnieper, and not every hungry tourist will get to the meat in the hotel restaurant. That’s what the Egyptian all-inclusive is based on, “the author clarified, adding that” meat will be “hidden” at the very end – it still needs to be found, it needs to be reached, often – to stand in line. ”

Less meat, more garnish

If a tourist overcomes the route and finds a place for the “dislocation” of natural protein, he will have a hard time again, as there are “specially trained people” who will not allow you to touch the dear but will put a modest piece on a plate of a hungry tourist. “And they are taught to put side dishes with a generous hand, but to give meat in portions and limited quantities,” the blogger explained, adding that the supplement will not be denied if requested, but the side dish will still be more.

A lot of sweets

Egyptian chefs know how to prepare delicious and beautiful desserts. These are inexpensive but very high-calorie dishes, the task of which is to “clog the stomach”. Here is what the author wrote about this: “It’s mostly sponge cakes with different food colors. Cheap ingredients are used for baking (not butter, but margarine), so for all the “beauty” and caloric content of the cost of such sweets are small. ”

Fast food for children

“Children at sea have a sweet appetite, but mostly they prefer pasta, fried potatoes, pizza, burgers, sweets … It’s hearty and inexpensive,” she added.

Processed dishes made from products, not the first freshness

According to the blogger, Egyptian hotels are no strangers to forbidden tricks in cooking. Uneaten dishes that have been lying in the heat are often used to prepare other delicacies so that the next time they can feed hungry vacationers. All for the sake of saving. For example, this applies to complex salads with dressings, and meat and vegetable slices.

Dinner at the hotel is better than lunch, she warned, noting that grilled dishes are often prepared for dinner, and salads and desserts can easily be served with lunch leftovers. “Unfortunately, because of this, there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract up to poisoning. There were several high-profile cases. So it is better to know the moderation of food and drink and remember the basic safety rules, “- said the author.

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